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Christmas Time (Trial)

De Ronde Van Cork CC, Over The Hill CC, Midleton CTC & Old Velo's are teaming up to run a time trial series over the Christmas period.

It will be restricted to members of these clubs but (for insurance reasons) racers MUST have at least a Limited Competition License.

There are 3 routes

The routes are the following:

Racers have between St.Stephen's Day and 23:59 on the 6th January to complete each route so are free to race it at a time (and tail wind) that suits them.This means racers can do each route as many times as they like up until 11:59pm on the 6th January, and the fastest time will count.

This is a handicap and first past the post league so anyone has a fair crack at winning. There are 4 Categories which will accumulate the time from all three routes 1) handicap areo 2) handicap non areo, 3) fastest total time female and 4) fastest total time male. These last two are regardless of set up.

Prizes are for the first person in each category. Entry is free for associated club members

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