Official Club Spins

Sunday 9am Courthouse 70km-100km approx with stop. Pace adjusted to suit all. 

If numbers are sufficient, group will split to cater for different fitness levels.

Please follow the Facebook page for route details.

All riders asked to have lights fitted during club spins during winter months

Cycling for All.


We hold regular club rides on Sunday throughout the year, starting from Midleton Court House. Spins with Coffee stops as well as non stop fast pace rides are both available. We also have Wednesday evening rides during the summer months. Starting every February on Sunday mornings we have ten week beginner groups. These are ideal for newcomers to find out more about us, to gradually improve their fitness and find out information about our sport and pastime.



Many of our members compete in road racing and time trials. We also take part in any other types of cycle racing that inspire members, such as triathlons. Overall our emphasis is on enjoying the sport rather than winning. Some of our racing members have had great success in recent years and are fine examples of what dedication and hard work can bring. The club will do all it can to help and support members who want to participate in the racing calendar and look forward to many more successes to come. 

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