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Beginners graduation notice

Former Beginners!

For those wondering where you go to from here now that the Beginners spins has ended, You have a couple of options.

The club, generally, posts spins on Facebook for 3 groups for the coming Sunday - Green, Amber and Red groups.

Each group will have a different average speed & spin distance.

Green Group - 23-26kph 50-80km

Amber Group - 26 - 28+ kph 70+ km

Red group 28kph +

The Green Group are the group most former beginners group should now be doing the Sunday spins with unless you believe you are good to go with the Amber Group.

We've had plenty people from the beginners group go straight into the Amber Group in the past and fit right in with the speed and distance, so if want that challenge go ahead.

Keep an eye, here and on Facebook for your groups plans for Sunday and don't be afraid to ask questions if unsure of anything.

The social Facebook page is also where many other spins can be posted by members .

We suggest you all request to join asap.

Members generally plan other spins from here so if your off midweek and looking for company on spins, the social page is where you will find company.

Members looking to go to sportive, duathlons etc will also post their intentions to take part here as well as other important club info.

Congratulations on your graduation.

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