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2016 Kit is here!

The Club is pleased to present our new Kit for 2016 produced by VeloRevolution.

The new kit was designed taking into account the current club colours as well as looking at the original Club kit's design offering a blend of the new and the old to offer up a fantastic new and unique kit.

Fitting night, time, location and date will be confirmed shortly.

Costing will also be confirmed shortly as we will be offering package deals on kit.

50% deposit will be required at fitting night on placing your order, remainder on collection.

The current offering will be largely summer based kit with Winter kit being revisisted towards the end of the summer.

Thanks to Peter Moloney, Dave Power, Tim Mahony and Andrew Kinnear for their hard work in the Tender process.

Thank you also to Aiden Crowley for his time during tender and help with the design process.

We also Thank the many other suppliers who tendered for our new kit and appreciate your time and effort.


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