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Club TT off to a Great start.

Wednesday 26th saw the 1st Time trial event of the year take place with a fantastic turnout by both juniors and seniors alike.

A Sunny evening with a fierce head wind on the way home made for a tough but really enjoyable night.

The course was set as Kileagh to Youghal turning left up knocknacally Hill and back down the bypass and home.

The evening started with the juniors setting off first on a slighty shortened course, turning right just after the town turn off before the bypass and heading back to Killeagh

30 second intervals between riders made for some good fun chasing down of friendly rivals.

With the head wind kicking in at the turn the juniors had a large compression just after halfway which spurred on some Sibling rivalry between Adam and Luke causing a small bit of wheel rubbing but no major harm done just some pro looking road rash to tell war stories about in the coming weeks. Pierce showed great form producing some inpressive speed to be top junior as did all the other juniors on a really tough windy night.

In the Womens Section family rivalrys again came to the fore with Sally showing Rachel who the boss is! Not sure if house hold chores were up for grabs on this result but Sally certainly looked in determined mood, but by the Looks of Alanna they both could be in trouble when she moves up to the senior course. This could be a battle to keep an eye on in the coming weeks.

Mags Higgins also put in a great effort having already done a hilly lap of Cobh before coming down the the time trial and will no doubt be battling the Drennans again next week.

In the Seniors The Legend that is Aj Murphy was on hand to show us all how the pros do it, I know from my point of view seeing how far I could get before he passed me out was a big incentive and I'm sure it spurred a few others on.

The noise of him coming up behind and past you was really impressive as well as seeing how relaxed and effortless he looked.

Shane Fuller on a none TT bike put in a stunning effort especially consideing he cycled from Carrigaline came in second with Peter Meaney Coming in third on his TT bike. Dave Power then myself topped out the top 5, of which I'm claiming a podium spot in the non Aero division which I just invented!! I think thats fair.

All in all it was a great night and I think everyone really enjoyed it and speaking for myself can't wait to have another go hopefully without that wind to see how we all can improve.

Big Thanks to Tony Fitz for marshalling the bypass turn and Paul O'Brien for marshalling the Juniors turn.

Also not fogetting to thank Jonny Finn and Tim Mahony for a great job Organising everything.

Thanks all and thanks for everyone that turned up.

After such a great night its important we remmeber to the end of the day the results are just a bit of fun, its really about improving yourself and setting your own targets to better each week, so anyone that didn't make it make sure to come along next week and enjoy the fun and see can you set yourself personal targets.

From a personal point of view having trained really hard alone recently to better myself on the bike the night was a massive boost to my confidence. Two months ago I wouldnt have dream't of being even in the stratasphere of a rider like Dave Power let alone average over 35kmph with that hill in a route, So to be within 10 seconsd of Dave has given me great self belief and justification for my personal hard work and I know more of you will do the same if you come and give it a go.

Hope to see you all next week.

Juveniles: Girl: 1st Alanna 24:38

Boys: 1st Pierce 23:52 2nd Matthew 24:31 3rd Luke 25:29 4th Adam 25:48 5th Elliott 28:23


Women: 1st Sally Drennan 33:56 2nd Rachel Drennan 34:46 3rd Mags Higgins 39:29

Men: 1st A.J. Murphy 25:30 (TT) 2nd Shane Fuller 29:44 3rd Peter Meaney 30:13 (TT) 4th Dave Power 30:51 5th Richie Watkin 30:56 6th Niall Hickman 32:16 7th Ken Savage 32:20 8th Callum Lynch 32:48 9th John Lynch 33:07 10th Martin Enright 33:20 (Para) 11th Garry Hartnett 33:27 12th Barry Hogan 33:36 13th Andrew Bowen 33:56 14th Adrian Walsh 34:06 15th Ger McSweeney 34:23 16th Fergus Blackmore 37:46

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