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News Round up

Let me start by making lots and lots of completely invalid excuse’s as to why I haven't done one of these in a while!

First up I was in Africa building wells, Then I was in the antarctic saving penguins, Then…

Oh wait I didn't do any of those things! Are penguins even in the antarctic? Sure I don’t know!

Anyway Sorry its been A while, I’ve just been busy with other stuff!!

So its been a really busy weekend and also a successful one for the Club on the Triathlon front.

Its easy to forget sometimes with all the chat on the social page that we are a cycling and triathlon club and looking at the weekend results a very successful one!

Will Rock Had a fantastic result at the weekend at the Blessington olympic distance triathlon, Will took a 7th overall in a really tough field showing all his mighty training this year is paying off.

Ronan Forde was 65th in a strong field of over 450 at the National series race Hook or By Crook in Dunmore East, Eoin Murphy also performed well finishing in the top half of the field in 150th and in 36th in category showing his training with AJ is paying off.

Dave McCarthy, Gary Neff and Daithí Reilly all took part in Tri Monkstown with Dave taking 8th place and 5th in his cat, Gary was a strong 19th and 8th in cat whilst Daithí put in a 23rd and a fantastic 3rd in his category.

Tim Mahony was at the Tri An Mhi taking 16th and a 3rd in his category. Showing he is now fully recovered and proving painting daydo rails is good training!

On the cycling front we have also had some great results by club members.

At the Cork County road race recently we had two club members on the podium with Martin Cashman winning the A2 race and taking home the title for 2015.

Bart Desnarowicz also put in a great race to take third place in the A4 race, Racing in club colours.

AJ Murphy as usual was in the chocolates at the Munster Time trial championships recently winning his category, blowing away his competition as we have now come to expect.

I apologise if I missed anyone off but please let me know if you ever compete so I can show you some love!

Well done to everyone that competed.

Away from the competitive achievements the club continues to go from strength to strength with the beginners group now well established spinning every Sunday as the green group or picnic group as they like to call themselves, however this name is under investigation as I’ve yet to hear of them actually taking a picnic with them?

Plus Myself and Jonny Finn have yet to be consulted about their cake choices so they're obviously not taking the cake seriously enough yet!!

This weekend saw our neighbours Carrigdoun CC Run their Sportive the De Carrig tour and it was good to see a good turn out from the club to support our neighbours on a really well run event.

There was a sobering note to the day though and its one I’d like for us all to remember.

At the end of the day we are all out to push ourselves and have a bit of fun but its important for us all to obey the rules of the road and stay safe.

Sportives are just that and not races and its an important to remember to keep ourselves and those around us in mind when out on the road in order to stay safe.

A nasty accident with a cyclist hitting an on coming car gave everyone pushing at the front a real reality check but It was fantastic to see two of our Committee members Ken Savage and Dave Power acting as true ambassadors to the club helping in the best possible way with calmness, clear heads and with the interests of others in their minds. Well done Guys.

Well done to everyone who was out enjoying the sun this past few weeks and please remember to have fun but stay safe.


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